Monday, 25 February 2013

Moleskine City Notebook: Brussels

Photo by Amazon
The first shopping wish that I had when I found out I was going to Brussels was this Moleskine City Notebook. I had bought the Barcelona one when I was there on Erasmus and thought it was a great catch: you have detailed maps of the most central parts of the city (along with transparent leaves that you glue on top of them and can write there whatever you want without damaging them... great for disoriented people like me to mark where the "supermarket" or a "friend's house" is), a page for the traveling you may do during that period, a diagram of the city's underground, pages divided by sections (such as restaurants, people, places) where you write down the things you find out during your stay and don't want to forget, as well as some blank pages in the end and a paper bag to hold little things (cards, receipts, papers). All of this fit into the usual moleskine black hard cover and the classic elastic. Excellent to keep in your purse and carry along everyday! I ordered mine through Amazon, where I found the best price and the only complaint I have is that it is an edition from 2008, so the underground diagram is not updated. But I printed the current one from the internet and glued it on top of the old one, so now it is as great as any new edition. I can't wait to fill its pages with the good things I'm sure I'll come across with while in Brussels!


  1. hi mariana, i am also a future trainee..very funny to read you. i also did erasmus in barcelona, in spring 2009, and bought also the Moleskine Barcelona one! LOL :) must admit though, that i havent used it as much as i wanted to..but i agree with you that it is a must to carry around when you like writing things down in a new city.

    1. Hello Jan! We were at BCN at the same time, then :) I was there in 2008/2009 (the whole academic year). But did you study Law? Hope to see you in Brussels :) to which DG are you going?

  2. hello again! no, i studied Master of Architecture and Environment (fortunately in spanish, and not in catalan) at the Universitat Politècnica de Yes, BXL it is. Ready for place du luxembourg tonight? :) I am going to DG Beaulieu, where are you going? CU tonight!