Saturday, 16 March 2013


Most houses in Brussels - like mine - don't have a washing machine, so we need to use one of the laundromats spread around the city to do the laundry. Close to my area (Etterbeek), I already found three of them, with very similar conditions and prices:
  • City Wash: Rue du Noyer, 61. Open 7 days a week from 7h to 22h. Washing is 3,50€ for 6,5kg and 7€ for 14kg. Drying is 0,50€.
  • Mega Wash: Place Marguerite. Open 7 days a week from 7h to 22h. Washing is 3,60€ for a medium sized machine. Drying is 0,60€.
  • Star Wash: Rue du Noyer. Open 7 days a week from 7h to 21h. Washing is 3€ for 7kg and 5€ for 10kg. Drying for 9 minutes is 0,50€.
I have only tried the last one (because it was the cheapest) and it worked fine. I went on a Saturday morning and didn't have to wait for using the machines, all of them were free (except for the 10kg ones, which are only two). It has the advantage of being close to one of the supermarkets I go to, so I left the machine working, went on to do the shopping and when I returned I just had to wait for a little bit until everything was done. Afterwards I used the dryer and I had my clothes there for 2 x 9min, otherwise they wouldn't have dried properly, as I had towels and linen among other clothes (but I guess that if you only have little stuff, 9min would be enough). When I arrived from the supermarket (at around 11h), almost all of the machines were being used and more people were inside, so I guess that with the course of the day the place will get crowder. On the other hand, City Wash is just like 300m down the road and as it is just a little bit more expensive than Star Wash, it was empty both times when I passed by, so I think I will try it next time. In all of them you have vending machines available, which sell unidosis of detergent and softner (but of course it'll be cheaper to buy bigger packages in the supermarket and bring them with you).

Bear in mind that the machines don't give you any change, so try to take the exact cash you need in coins. There's usually a machine there that will allow you to change your banknotes into coins, but it will charge you a small about for that. I usually take some coins out of my wallet during the week and leave them at home, so that on the weekends when I need to use the laundromat I already have them.

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