Monday, 25 March 2013

Moeder Lambic

This weekend I went to a beer tasting event, which took place in Moeder Lambic, organized by the Stage Committee. This bar has the ambiance of the old times, with its long wooden tables, but with a modern twist. We sat around and enjoyed as the waiters were passing by, explaining a little bit about each beer they brought. We tried 4 in total and smelled also a strange one (which smelled like smoked meat). We also ate some food on the meanwhile (various types of cheese, sausages and ham with warm bread). Overall, it was a good experience and we spent some good times there. The waiter was very helpful and he even gave us some restaurants' suggestions! And we got to try some very different beers, artisan and in their "raw" form (a kriek with no sugar added, for example, and you can really taste the difference from the other ones which are artificially sweet).

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