Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Yves Saint Laurent

Last weekend I have visited the exhibition Yves Saint Laurent - a visionary, at Espace Culturel ING. It is a very nice exhibition on the life and work of this great French fashion designer. The exhibition shows a large number of creations from his collections, jewellery and accessories, as well as drawings, sketches and other documents.

The normal entry price for adults is 6€, but if you have a students' card (thanks, Alliance Française!), you only pay 3€. In the end, for an extra 5€, you can participate in either of these workshops:
  • “Textiles-Tactiles” workshop: dressing of paper doll cut-outs, decoration of fashion posters and creation of “Love Cards” with various fabrics and objects.
  • “Textiles-Couture” workshop: create and clothe dolls and cuddly toys, accessories, bags and jewellery from recycled materials.
Then the dolls and the toys will be sold in favour of the ING Chances for Children project (to which the money collected from the tickets that give access to the workshops will revert as well). But you can also take your doll or toy home as a souvenir!

I participated in the paper doll one, where you can style up a known Yves Saint Laurent creation yourself, using all kinds of fabrics and beads for such purpose, and it was great. This is the final result, now hanging in one of my studio's walls:

And this is the original Yves Saint Laurent dress (a tribute to Tom Wesselmann) whose sketch I have used:

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