Monday, 8 April 2013

Develop Your Own Career workshop

I recently got in contact with OrientaEuro because of my website and discovered a very talented consultancy firm led by professionals with managerial experience in top companies and educational institutions around the world. They count with an interdisciplinary and international team of psychologists, career coaches, communication experts, career advisors, designers and web programmers.

In 2008, they started operations in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as Desarrollarme, now the #1 referent in Latin America for professional career development and coaching. More than 1 million people have been helped by them with their careers so far, and still counting. In 2011, they widened our scope developing the most popular iPhone app for career development and studies election: Jobs and Career Test. And in 2012 they extended their operations to Europe, through their branch OrientaEuro, delivering their services already in Spanish, English, French and Dutch.

So right now they are in Brussels, ready to serve you with their advises and will have a workshop specifically directed to the trainees who want to pursue a career and get a real job once their traineeship ends (which would be the majority of us, I believe).

This workshop is called Develop Your Own Career and it'll take a full-day in Brussels (Saturday 27th April 2013, 9am – 6pm, in Aloft Schuman). They summarize its contents this way:

What will you take from the workshop specifically?
  • Certainty in your personal and professional goals, values and priorities
  • Self-knowledge: your strengths, weaknesses, skills and preferences
  • Tools for analyzing jobs and alternatives for your own best interests
  • Conscious development and improvement of your online and offline networking skills
  • Improvement of your effectiveness in recruitment processes: Curriculum Vitae, motivation/cover letters and interviews
Answers - We will work to answer the following key questions in a productive way:
  • Who am I? Who do I want to be? Where do I want to go?
  • What am I good at? What do I really like to do? What should I avoid?
  • What does the market value? Has it something to do with me?
  • What’s the role of money in my life? What are my priorities and values and in which order?
  • How could I “sell myself” better?
  • With a little help from my friends? (networking tips and tricks)
  • Would it be better to be my own boss? If so, under what circumstances and how?

You can find all information on it and be able to register here.

I have decided to become affiliated with this initiative because I can see how the Brussels employment market is competitive (stories from former trainees are enough to make you scared of it... which you don't have to, if you know what you can expect from it and gain the necessary tools to face it, which is exactly what this workshop is meant to). I think that you can hear a lot of stories and get feedback from several people, but in the end all of those will be personal experiences only (like mine that I share here with you) and not professional advice like this firm can give to you, as that is what they have been doing professionally for years and know what will suit you - as an individual different from all others - best. I also saw their concern in meeting with a current trainee - me! - to ask some questions and to try to get a better understanding of what is going on in a trainee's mind.

So, given this partnership we have established, if you insert the code atib1304 when paying for your registration, you will get 10% off the final price!

If you sign up with a friend until April 14th you can benefit from this reduction and still add to it the 10% discount I mention above by inserting the code.

If you are currently a trainee and want to find a job after (either in Brussels or anywhere else, as this knowledge is helpful everywhere), start thinking about it now, take this opportunity to help your career and register for the workshop!

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