Thursday, 25 April 2013

Dress Fitting

Before the ball I went two more times to Felicia's atelier: one to do the first fitting of the dress and the other one to pick it up. With her excellent way of working, she always makes sure to meet once with the client to discuss the model and take their measurements, another time for the first fitting and a last time for the final proof of the dress and for you to take it with you. So, on Saturday afternoon I went to her atelier to finally see my dress.

... and this is what was there waiting for me! When I saw it ready on the model I was stunned! It was really beautiful and so great to see the finished result and realize it was even prettier than what I had hoped for.

Felicia helped me to put it on and I gave it a final try, but of course there was nothing to change as it was perfect and made to measure. I was then ready to go to my ball! Thank you so much again for having made this beautiful dress for me and making my night remarkable (everyone commented on it!).


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