Wednesday, 22 May 2013


The Cinematek is a cinema in Brussels that plays "old" movies (ranging from movies that are just from last year or cinema classics from the 1920's... and all the others in between). They are located in two places (Bozar and Flagey) and have an extent programme, with several movies being played everyday. Each movie ticket costs 4 euros and you can buy them right before the movie starts. I have only watched one movie there and really liked it... the price is of course appealing considering the general price of cinema in Brussels and there were not so many people watching, so you could calmly buy your ticket when arriving just some minutes before time and watch the movie with no confusion. It was an English movie and they played the original version, with simultaneous subtitles in French and Dutch. I plan on going more times there (the selection they play is impressive!) and would definitely recommend you if you're looking to enjoy some cinema afternoons in Brussels (specially when it's bad weather!).

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