Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Yesterday I had lunch at PhoPho, a Vietnamese fast food restaurant located in the St. Boniface area (so just 10min walking from my place of work).

The place is quite cozy and good for a quick lunch (food is served quite fast). It is owned by a Vietnamese guy who came to Brussels with his father when he was 3 years old and decided to open this place dedicated to his home country's food just 10 months ago. Easy to see this was a recipe for success, as many were the people coming and going to enjoy these well cooked delights at their lunch break. No reservations are accepted (unless you're a big group), but places are easy to find (no problem in finding two seats for us at "rush" hour!). Their especialty are the noodles' soup and you have some to choose from, either in the medium or large size (we ordered medium and it was enough!).

This is what we ate:

Ha Kao - bouchées langoustines
Cha Gio Ga - Nems poulet and Pho Bo - Soupe Hanoi boeuf
Mi Wan Tan - Soupe nouilles raviolis scampis
You can choose each item individually, but they have also two combos: Dessert (noodle soup medium size + dessert + soft drink for 10€) and Entrée (noodle soup medium size + starter + soft drink for 12€). They are open 7/7 days a week, from 11h to 23h. The food was delicious and even though it is marketed as "fast food", that does not reflect on its taste (it's just because it is indeed fast to eat there in your short lunch break!). You can see it is being made by people who really understand their business (apparently it is very common for Vietnamese people to eat these kind of noodles soup everyday, so who better to make them in Brussels?) and, on the top of that, are very nice and welcoming to costumers. For example, the beef for one of the noodle soups needs to be cooked for 6h and they do it everyday so that the soups are always made with fresh ingredients (no frozen stuff there!). Go pay them a visit if you're looking for something different (and tasty!) for your lunch break.

Rue de la Paix, 27
1050 Ixelles, Bruxelles

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