Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Last week I have been to Amadeo, a restaurant that rightfully identifies itself as "the place for ribs". Indeed, located in central Brussels, between Bourse and De Brouckère, this is a place that cannot pass unseen, although mingled with all the Asian restaurants existing in the street where it is located. Once you see the entrance with this big cow, the light disclaimers and the whole rouge atmosphere, you will be prompted to get it. If you're a fan of food and like that your stomach leaves the restaurants you go to well stuffed, the concept of "à volonté" (which means “as much as you like”: extra spare ribs, potatoes, salad and accompanying sauces really can be ordered without any limit, for just 15,95€) will also appeal to your taste.

The house's red wine, present in every table and perfect to go along with all the meat you're about to eat. With the advantage that you don't have to order and pay for the whole bottle: in the end, the staff will see how much of it did you drink and calculate the price to pay based on that.
The first amount of ribs that you get! Then each supplement is about half the size of this. We were two and only were able to eat this first piece and one supplement (shared by the two)! But the staff told us the official record is a guy who ate 15 (!!!) supplements. You also have this potato jacket cooked with a very nice special herb butter sauce and salad. The ribs also have their own special barbecue sauce.

Not only the ribs are amazing (and you're allowed to eat with your hands for once!), but the space of the restaurant is magnificent, mixing Flemish and Oriental styles. It used to be an old theatre and now it's... Amadeo! The space is huge (there are many more rooms than the one you see when you enter), so it's also perfect for a group dinner. They also serve more plates than just the ribs, so lots of options to please all the visitors. The staff is really friendly and the food came super quickly. They also have restaurants in Ghent (two actually) and in Antwerp. Definitely a must-stop if you're in Belgium and want to eat well for a decent price (open for dinner only)!

Sint-Katelijnestraat 26 - 28
1000 Brussels
+32 (0)2-502 51 37

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