Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Last July, just a few days after Croatia joined the EU as the 27th Member State, I had the chance to take my last days of vacations as a EC trainee and visit a little bit of this beautiful country for the first time.

We flew with Ryanair from Charleroi airport to Zadar. There, we visited the city, watched the world's most beautiful sunset (according to Hitchcock), visited the Plitvice Lakes and swam in the blue sea of Sakarun beach, in the island of Dugi Otok.

The beach in Zadar.

An amazing sunset, indeed!

The Plitvice Lakes... you have to take a full day for the trip + visit and it is so worthy.

On our way to Dugi Otok, by ferry boat.

The best beach I have ever been to! With not many people too :)

This is a very small airport.

You have great views from the plane... especially these strange shapes islands!
Brussels is a great city to travel to other cities in Europe. There's plenty of low-cost companies operating not only in the Zaventem airport, but also in the Charleroi one, so you can get to lots of places for some cheap prices.

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