Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Amadeus Antwerp

When I returned to Belgium this second time, there were some things I knew I wanted to do again. One of them was to eat the famous ribs, that I had tried before in the Amadeo restaurant in Brussels. This time, with a plus: I could do it in Antwerp, experimenting one of the two restaurants they have there. I opted for their first restaurant, near the pier, although they have opened a new one in the center.

Again, we had to go for the ribs, the potato and that marvellous butter sauce! Accompanied with the house's red wine, of course.

The restaurant is quite famous there too (the street and surroundings were kind of empty on a Saturday night, but the inside of the restaurant was crowded!). The quality remains, so as the price and the fact that you can order as many ribs as you want. My greediness was satisfied and I left the place full, as always. Definitely a must-do for everyone in Belgium!

St-Paulusplaats 20
2000 Antwerpen
+32 03/232 25 87

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