Monday, 10 March 2014

Antwerp's Zoo

A week ago I went to visit the zoo in Antwerp. I hadn't been to the zoo since I was little and it was great to have this experience again. The zoo is located right next to the main entrance of the central station and is now having a "winter offer" that makes tickets cheaper than usual. Even though they are not that cheap (we paid 15€ per person), I thought it was totally worthy it! They have lots of animals, open air or in some galleries (for example, the fish, the monkeys, the reptiles) and during the day you can see several shows (for example, playing with the seals and feeding the elephants). We saw all the animals and it took us 3h! It was a sunny day, so perfect for strolling around. And, even though on a weekend, there were not many people around.

The sea lions being fed
The decoration of the space is really nice too!

They have a Nemo :)

The lions resting in the back.

Some humans got into the animal spirit too!
This is how my eyes look when I wake up every morning to do the Antwerp-Brussels ride...


I saw many exotic animals I had never seen in my life (I specially recommend the nocturne section, where you can see some strange mixes, like pig-rabbit, squirrel-kanguru and mouse-deer). It was such a great visit that made me eager to visit other zoos when travelling. The Lisbon one will be next :)

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