Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Last weekend, in a craving mode for sushi, I went to eat at Zaowang. This is a Japanese restaurant located in the center of Antwerp, very close to the old market (although they have a second restaurant in another area of the city).

The view from our table, with the typical Belgian houses seen by the window

The waiter preparing the drinks

For starter, we had the prawn crackers that were immediately brought to our table. Then, after checking the menu, we decided to order one of the sushi boats, as that way you are already served with a good variety of pieces. This is the boat for 2 people, which has 45 pieces (including some sashimi). They also have boats for 3 or 4 people and other combos you may order.

We couldn't leave before dessert, of course! Especially with such good delights to choose from.

Green tea ice-cream
Passionfruit bavaroise and ice-cream

We really liked having been to this restaurant, as the sushi was great and the whole ambiance is nice too (conveniently located, with very nice interiors and attentive staff). I recommend you passing by there if you're into oriental food and are up for a good meal! Probably better to reserve first, as we did, as for a Saturday at lunch time it was almost full.

Oude Koornmarkt 22
2000 Antwerpen
03 290 55 29

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