Thursday, 20 June 2013


Fruit-Time (located in Anderlecht) is a farm that opens to the public in the summer months for you to pick strawberries, flowers and raspberries. It is a bit far from central Brussels (I live near Schuman and it took me 1h15 to get there by public transportation), but definitely worth a visit. As you get away from the city center, this is the scenario you find.

As you arrive, you are given a box to fill with strawberries. The rule is one basket per person, per day, so it allows more people to come and pick their strawberries.

The raspberries are still too green! Wait for middle July, as there are plently of them (more than the strawberries) to pick.

Sneaky kid eating some while picking them!
In the end, you take the fruits you've picked for weight and pay for them. The price is 4€ for each 500g of strawberries. It is a great activity to do on a sunny day, with friends or family, being able to take home then some really fresh fruit bought directly from the producers. I have bought 1kg of them and everyday since Sunday have been making fresh milkshakes and juices with them (delicious!).

Right now the strawberry season is open and in July the flowers and raspberries are on too. See here the available periods:

Strawberries : June and July
Raspberries : July, August and September
Flowers : From July till September

For more information on how to get there, the opening hours and to see when the new cultures will be available, check out their website. Are you wondering how I did to get there? Here's how: I took the metro line 5 and hopped-off in Saint-Guidon. There I took the bus 46, direction Moortebeek (the bus stop is right outside the metro exit). You leave the bus in the stop Sibelius and then walk to the farm for around 15 minutes (it's a straight road). To return, the bus stop is closer to the farm, so you just walk around 10 minutes. But nothing like google maps to help you better plan your trip!

Rue du Pommier (left to no. 463 - Restaurant de Notelaar)
1070 Anderlecht

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  1. Wonderful! planning to go there this Sunday.