Friday, 21 June 2013


Two weeks ago I have been to Paris, where I spent 3 days. I went by Thalys, which only takes 1h20 from Brussels. I had been already to Paris 2 times when I was a kid and also one time again 2 years ago, so all the touristic sights were covered. This time we took the chance of going to Versailles and watched the Les Grandes Eaux spectacle. We also cycled a lot around the city, especially at night to see all the lights. Velib was our best friend! We visited the Louvre, the Notre Dame, ate sushi, lemon pie and drank mint tea. We saw everyone going crazy about the Mona Lisa painting and an episode of a tv series being recorded in the streets of a cute neighbourhood. We went to La Maroquinerie and watched in the front row a concert by Kurt Vile & The Violators. We passed by the Promenade Plantée and by the Eiffel Tower with its blinking lights. It was great to return to one of my favourite cities in Europe!


  1. Beautiful shots you got there - I personally like this one a lot.

    I've been to Paris already but somehow failed to fall in love with it - maybe should it give another go any time soon, considering the weather has improved substancially.

    Was it too expensive to go by Thalys? Any hotel/hostel recommendations?


  2. Thank you! I paid 89€ with the Thalys, going on a Friday evening and returning on a Monday evening. But stayed in a friend's house, so I don't know any hostels! For me it was a city that impressed me a lot when I was there 2 years ago (when we're little it's more for the Eurodisney thing eheh) and it's my kind of city, as wherever you walk you will see beautiful buildings, streets, bridges, cafes, etc. It has a great character, it is so easy to cycle there and I love that feeling of riding a bike through the boulevards and just enjoying the sights :)