Friday, 28 June 2013

Portuguese party and cupcakes

As my traineeship finishes in the end of July and with me already thinking of what to do next, I have applied for a summer school on regulation of local public services that will take place in Turin, Italy, in September, for 2 weeks. This week I received the confirmation saying I was accepted (among 500 candidates from 70 different countries, only 25 were accepted)! However, participating in this summer school has its costs, namely, 150€ for the participation fee (which includes accommodation) and 164€ for the flights (Lisbon-Turin-Lisbon). As at that moment I will not be working (transitioning from being a trainee here and finding a new job), I thought about using my time here to collect some funds that would help me participate in this summer course.

So, given the fact that I love baking, I proposed to sell cupcakes in the Portuguese party that is going to take place this weekend in the Parc du Cinquantenaire, which was indeed kindly accepted by the organization. So, during all day on Saturday and Sunday, I invite you to pass by my little stand and maybe help me with this initiative (or just to say "hi") :) looking forward to see you there!

(this is the image of my city's University – Coimbra – which was declared last weekend as part of UNESCO's heritage and which is also part of the World Guinness Record book for having baked the biggest cupcake ever made!)

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  1. Bom Mariana... acabei de assentar arraiais em Bruxelas (e desde que soube que vinha para cá que sigo o teu blog e confesso... deu umas dicas valentes)e apesar do programa das festas não ser beeeem o meu tipo musical, acho que as boas acções devem ser recompensadas. Não é que aprecie cupcakes, mas passo por aí amanhã para comprar uns quantos e dar-te um olá! : )

    Vera Gomes